Case study

How we helped a leading UK house builder to add value and push boundaries within bedroom design


Our client is a major volume house builder, employing over 700 people across the UK. The goal was to add value and differentiate its product from the mainstream, without increasing its budget.

We were chosen as a partner and given the opportunity based on our shared passion for pushing boundaries, breaking away from convention and being prepared to not think like the rest.

Working in partnership with the client’s technical and commercial teams, we challenged not just the content of the bedrooms, but the spaces in which they inhabited. Working in this collaborative way, we were able to create a solution which removed some long-standing traditional obstacles that had historically limited what was achievable. As the UK’s largest sliding bedroom manufacturer, our furniture can be very cost effective over other solutions and has the benefit of high consumer perceived value.

51 ramsbury eclectic cotchett village.jpg

By maximising the available space in each property, we were able to assist our client in creating visually stunning homes that were both practical and stylish. We recognised that storage was a critical part in the decision process of new home buyers, and tailored each room design to ensure space was fully utilised.

Our sliding doors helped even the smallest rooms to add value to the home by removing the need for doors to swing open and keeping access simple. Through our wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling solutions we were able to maximise every available square foot of the build, helping our client to create an offering that is personalised and intuitive to the needs of their customers.

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At Spacepro Contract, we’re passionate about helping our clients to create inspirational bedroom solutions that challenge the status quo and lead the way in innovation. If you’d like to learn more about this case study, or have a project in mind you wish to discuss with us, contact our team today on 0333 344 8583 or email